2020 Portfolio

Building and nurturing brands through a people-first approach.

Hilary Coles is a multidisciplinary creative and front-end developer making beautiful, functional things for clients around the world. Based in New England, she is happiest when she's exploring the natural world or indulging in her curiosity. She feels weirdest when she's writing about herself in third person. Read More

Selected Work

Feeding WestchesterDigital Marketing

A halftone image of citrus fruit from Feeding Westchester's Food Dating Guide.

OneStep RetailVisual Design

A halftone image depicting a person, from the chest down, wearing a skirt that is blowing in the wind.

ZenTeaCreative Direction, Branding, Photography, Print

A halftone image of a table top, photographed from directly above, containing teacups, scones,  finger sandwiches, petit fours and scattered sugar cubes.

SYNC PerformanceVisual Design, Digital Marketing

A halftone image of a person skiing.


A halftone image of Calyx's logo redesign, mocked-up on a curled sheet of paper.

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